Hey, y'all! We are a husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee traveling to 100 countries by 2020. It all started with an idea to take 1 year off before our lives got to serious, and we thought daily vlogs would be a fun way to document it. We left home with 2 carry-on bags on January 10, 2016, and halfway through we KNEW we didn't want to stop traveling the world anytime soon! Thank you for following our journey! \n\nPlease subscribe to our channel :)\n\ne-mail: [email protected]\nInstagram: @karaandnate instagram.com/karaandnate/\nTwitter: @karaandnate twitter.com/karaandnate\nFacebook: facebook.com/karaandnate/

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  1. Bethany Clapper

    The whole "hot dog" things are crazy!

  2. Tran Tyler

    Adults seeing it 1 time Me:: watches it over and over again

  3. Explorcation

    Congrats on 2 million 🎉

  4. Lucas Nordbø

    I live in stavangar

  5. Lucas Nordbø

    I l

  6. Christian Roth

    Norway is such a beautiful Country; i guess Norway is kissed by god....

  7. Lisa r

    I found your videos about a year ago. Enjoyed traveling vicariously with you until you came back to the US. I found the Van life videos rather dull, but understood you were trying to do "something" to keep busy. Too bad the National Park idea didn't work out. Not interested in seeing you flying around during a global pandemic when people are dying by the thousands every day. Not a good look regardless of who is paying your way. Maybe consider going back to Africa and helping out there for awhile?

  8. Grace Bauler

    I like the safes keys are right on the safe. Haha love the channel btw!!!

  9. Vynie

    3:42 "best Norwegian waffles in the world" ahah

  10. Dilbag Singh

    Cuteness 🥰🥰

  11. Austin Timmons

    Y’all’s teeth are super white lol

  12. K

    Always wear eye protection when traveling...the virus can easily get in through your eyes. Mask/Goggles.

  13. James Lichliter

    Nice setup. Maybe run some bunge cords in the above cabinets in kitchen to keep things from sliding out when you open the doors.

  14. Jonathan Smith

    I've been watching your vlogs for forever, I've already seen this one... but I was literally assigned to watch this in my Cruise Tourism class in college. I was so excited.

  15. Curmudgeonry Lighthouse Keeper

    let me summarize this for you: its like watching a pair of 8 year old's that don't want to take a bath.

  16. Frank Shane Sadicon

    i'm binge-watching this channel omg so good 😭😍

  17. Julie Hansen

    Glad to see you guys figuring out a safe way to do what you love. Ignore the hate.

  18. Abbas Traveler

    Aging come for Bangladesh, me nambar 01914731156, Corn tank with tour of Bangladesh

  19. Its Ray

    Naugthy boy lalala bring me here,hahaha


    I'm Fillipina from Philippines. I want to visit bhutan the healthiest county in the world.

  21. Shubham Jadoon

    I want happiness time to take one trip to Bhutan after watching this.....😂😂😂🌏🌏

  22. RU BY

    Excuse them they were supposed to write "Palestine" 🇵🇸❤🇹🇳

  23. Knowledge Universe

    Eating cow stomach. You bastards

  24. Faris Pervaiz

    what happens to the tomatoes after this is over. massive waste of food

  25. Lily Barczak

    Omg they barely got any views. It’s so crazy to see them now 3 years later and getting over 1MIL views on almost all the videos they post!

  26. Filip Jacobsen

    My sister lives really close to the train station funny to see it in the video!

  27. Nicholas Scalfaro

    When Kara did the tumble I felt sick to the core and I wasn't even in the plane!

  28. Nachiket Patil

    Love from India Awesome video😊😊😊


    Very nice👍👍👍

  30. barry jackson

    Government tyranny....pisses me off and its gonna get worse

  31. RV There Now

    Hi! I just stumbled upon your videos this morning. I’m sorry you guys had to go through all this trouble but if you need help with your FAA certification, my husband can help out. Safe travels!

  32. wahid bhuiyan

    Yes...You are done....now you take rest at US....

  33. Jenny Lee

    Kara north korea will be legend

  34. petra djordjevic

    quick question how do you guys have wifi in the van?

  35. Rebecca Louise Collins

    Watching this made me want to cry. We didn’t get out of the UK last year and I don’t think we will get out this year either. Hopefully we’ll get back to Vegas next year. Keep safe.x

  36. Naty Cano

    My hands are getting sweaty watching this lol so cool you guys did this!!

  37. Pratish Dayalji

    I did not know up

  38. Petra MR

    Omg i can see my hause so cool 😍🏢

  39. Petra MR

    I live in Norway jeg snakker norsk kan dere norsk lol 🇳🇴❤️🇳🇴

  40. Christine McGeorge

    My first thought...was it a scam call? I would have wanted a paper document. Hopefully you didn’t just pay over the phone. How does every other person on USfilm get away with it. I’m a photographer, what about everyone that uses parks as their backdrop.

  41. Where Star Meets Ocean

    We just opened our channel and after watching this documentary, we can feel the great energy passing through our body and whispering: ''Everything is possible...''. Thank you so much!

  42. Daniel Albertson

    Thanks for sharing this was one of my favs.

  43. Lari Nogueira

    I would be Nate for sure!!! and kara, you're a liar... always saying that you're afraid of planes, this and that... LOOK AT YOU GIRL!!!!! All your pieces together and stuff... hahahaha

  44. the6thgate

    Oh no....that's it. I've caught up watching from the very first episode :o Now what... seriously this was the most entertaining video of all! What an experience.


    Such a #Sweet content right there mate! Let's fight this crisis with maintaining priper hygene & avoid crowded places. You might want to consider my stuff too I'm sure you'l love it! I got a lot of sweets right there! Godbless you & your family. Happy streaming! ☺️



  47. Linnea

    I remember that statue. Creepy. Jewelery is the way to shop when traveling. No weight and volume, just wear it. And obviosuly can cost less than a coffee. Make Nate happy fir sure. :D That nudlesoup-ish dish looked soo good. Nate loves eeeeverything Kara love. You have understood the real deal wifes. :D SO happy to see Kara got to a little bit of shopping. I think I remember right when thinking Chang mai became a favorite place for you. Very clever to have foot massages set up in the market. Keeps people shopping even longer. Clever! I dont think anyone can do the whole market in one go. So many people, impulses, the feets the sounds. It is exhausting. I neeeeed to go to Chain mai. So cheap! Wow!

  48. Ananda Barman

    Hi sexy girl Kamal Hai tamatar Chumma Kiska bongo

  49. DannyA3579

    Pretty sure the Jerusalem bus station is where one of the KOSHER McDonalds is. Would’ve been an interesting experience.

  50. Claire Burgess

    I've only just discovered your guys vlogs and they are my sweet escapism during this crazy pandemic. I love watching your travels! I miss travelling so much, so watching your blogs is satisfying a little bit of that craving. I had masala tea in Nepal a few years ago, no tea has ever come close since then :-D keep vlogging and keep posting :-) it's keeping me sane right now lol <3

  51. Linnea

    I would have been way more hangry than Kara was. She held upp awesome. This must have one of the most tirering days for travel for you gys. It is unreal you managed to get up from that bed. Food is tho essential. So probably why you managed. Awesome market so worth the walk. So long without water and toilet. Dang !

  52. Linnea

    No way I had saved those 40 bucks for that. Omg! How was your back after that? Nice choice of music Kara. Way better travel day music. ;) Thanks for showing the real deal travel.

  53. Fortnite Montage

    This gets me so mad, there just trying to live and share it to the world. I can’t even! HOLY CRAP

  54. Anya Moymoy

    Now i found the chanel and filming about bhutan.. Love frm Philippines

  55. Dipen Gurung

    Absolutely appreciated with what you guys bringing on this.. Absolutely amazing views.. Different world out there.

  56. me

    6years ago me and my family went to cairo for 2 weeks and then luxor 1 week and then ended the trip in Hurghada! such a cool trip:D

  57. Dipen Gurung

    Absolutely brilliant views.. Ethereal 👌🏻👌🏻

  58. Linnea

    That place is seriously gorgeous. Not only the places you got to see on this day but the place you stayed in. Toiletpaper,shower clean room that is all what we need. Much more charming and cozy than marble floors. Cheaper to. :D

  59. Linnea

    I love your Q and A's. :) I recon you have realized by now Us is not the best. The wellfare and educational and politics. Sigh. Those samosas looked good. Samosas are always yoummy. :)

  60. Interesting Nonsense

    Really enjoying this channel. Excellent work. Azerbaijan looks great!

  61. zpinaround

    1 love comment among all this hate! Kara and Nate, i love your videos, i love your vibe, i love it all. All these people complaining about you flying dont need to be jerks. Yes, we've all lost people, most of us have had Covid, but it doesn't give us the right to be assholes to whoever decides to travel. It is not our place. We have to understand this is YOUR JOB AND INCOME STREAM. Im in Mexico, in a state where Covid cases are on the rise and have not stopped at all. I love to see 2 individuals taking care of eachother and others by wearing a mask and taking precautions. KEEP IT UP GUYS! <3

  62. Кто то

    10:44 П'яна вишня 😂

  63. Frye Hannah

    y does Nate look like the "American" version of Christiano Ronaldo

  64. Dave Knight

    Reminds me of aot season 3's sea scene

  65. Aarav Dutt

    Omg I feel so naseous just looking at this

  66. muzorewi

    Extremely annoying couple (on camera at least).

  67. Ethan

    ANYONE HERE IN 2021???????????????????????????????????????????

  68. Toys by ave

    i was here faster than you had 2m subscribers which is very fast pls can you subscribe to my channle toys by ave because i have watched all your videos as soon as they were posted

  69. Sean

    Thanks, I enjoyed the journey.

  70. Ariful Ome

    Way more exciting than i thought 🔥

  71. Paki Marin


  72. lisfish79

    so... are you going to respond to your fans’ criticism in the comments of your last video? Or are you going to pretend it never happened?

    1. Adam Marjanovic


  73. Anders Ekhougen

    Am from norway

  74. devya dadil

    No words !!!!! Stay blessed and travel continues [email protected]

  75. Two Travelling Foxes

    This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in so long! Would absolutely love to try this!

  76. Warren Powell

    I like your videos.....

  77. Anne Wayman

    The new administration may make it easier to negotiate for a change. Talk with your Congress person. These refs aren’t good for the peaks. Lead a change.

  78. Kunga Rangrig

    Wow this is really cool.

  79. R V

    she's dreamy