Hey, y'all! We are a husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee traveling to 100 countries by 2020. It all started with an idea to take 1 year off before our lives got to serious, and we thought daily vlogs would be a fun way to document it. We left home with 2 carry-on bags on January 10, 2016, and halfway through we KNEW we didn't want to stop traveling the world anytime soon! Thank you for following our journey!

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  1. Petko Stoyanov

    You should update the about page: its 2.21M subs now ;]

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    I think Nate would rather die than pay someone to fix the van for him

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    Did you finish 100th countries ???

  6. Peaches and Friends


  7. Brendan Taylor

    Great watching your videos here in Margaret River Western Australia. Makes me want to hit the road and explore this great continent!! All the best guys!!

  8. Nacho Gonzalez Lazaro

    Isn't there red slopes there?. Or is that just in Europe

  9. EmmiLouB

    Omg the clips in the beginning where mate had the light on him he def looked like Cristiano Ronaldo

  10. Ronald Weedly

    Her food looks trash

  11. EmmiLouB

    Lol watching this again when it's all the range to wear face masks coz of covid lol

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    The locomotive pilots are very lucky they see this everyday that’s a dream job

  16. Anchita De

    Love these two lovely people and their videos... ❤️ A big fan of you two.

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    Have you been to Caramon Islands in the Philippines? It's incredibly beautiful in there! The Islands are amazing~

  19. Scott Jettón

    Oh I see y'all been here already.. well come back again.. lol.. don't forget to tell us how y'all ever fix y'all's internet issues yet..

  20. Scott Jettón

    I know Oklahoma is a hard one.. but if your looking for something different.. Red river valley is a very good start and you can also find the storylines of the tribes. Including waurika lake, Geronimo mountain and wichita mountains which is in Lawton.. many things to see.. holy city list goes on forever..

  21. Bryce Peters

    Cries from driving on icy road, IMMA BADASS 😂

  22. Cecilio Bustamante

    Hands down Y'all are my favorite couple to watch

  23. Joe Adams

    Have you considered a membership account? I just saw one on another USfilm channel. My wife and I wait eagerly for your next adventure.

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    That is absurd! Getting fined. I would refuse to pay on Principle- and accept the consequences.

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    There's also a 1 person town in Wyoming.


    bro these beats every time i watch a new video its the best beats that get me WHO MAKES THESE 🔥🔥🔥

  28. Pamela Eversole

    Elsie does not look 87! Wow! And she’s still sharp as a tack! I wouldn’t care one bit to be her neighbor. Her & the customers all seem like good people. Great video!

  29. Ned Surf

    Starting @7:30. Please consider the point of the federal judge striking down the regulation under the auspices of the first amendment. "So annoying" speech is especially protected under the first amendment. "Freedom of speech doesn't protect speech you like; it protects speech you don't like." -Larry Flint @8:00: Just like the rest of the bill of rights, it is a right not a privilege.

  30. Calvin Hicks

    Your diet is horrible! The foods that you consumed in this video had to have caused you to blow the bottom out of a toilet! It’s a good thing you had access to those Buc EE bathrooms!!’

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    Bucee beaver on ski slopes. EPIC!

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    Steve Lehto (a lawyer) recently did a video about a federal court tossing out the permit requirement in Ep: 7.280. Anyway, I can't wait for your return to international travels.

  37. Katie De Los Reyes

    The look she gave nate when he said "Kara's not really into the vlogging before coffee" 😂😂😂😂

  38. Anne

    Kinda weird understanding what the locals say…😅 first time in your vlogs Greetings from germany

  39. Linda Nichols

    Wow! I'm exhausted after watching this

  40. Patricia Staples

    Hello!! My WHOLE family LOVES watching your you tube videos!! We started from the first video about a week ago and we’re at this one today! We’re a family of 4 with a 12 and 9 year old and travel is our obsession as well. With Covid and not being able to travel ourselves, we’ve replaced it with watching you! We have been to many of the places you two have been and we’ve loved watching the different things you do! Our kids have visited about 30 counties already (and about as many States) but we’ve added quite a few to our must see list from your vlogs! Just wanted to say hi and we love ya’ll!! (Yes, we’re from the South but live in Denver CO now.)

  41. Kali Beaulieu

    I was just in big sky Montana skiing and we had a ski in and ski out condo and it was awesome!

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    ived seen all ypur videos..loving it ❤❤ fr Philippines

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    Just found your channel and I'm obsessed!!! I came to the bottom to watch every video start to finish!!!

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    I really want to move there when I retire. Maybe buy that house they went into. ❤️

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  46. Wanda Xxx

    Buffalo are amazing!!!

  47. Wanda Xxx

    Dont drive if your tired.

  48. Wanda Xxx

    Winter lesson, dont travel if you dont need too. Driving in snow or unpredictable weather is horrible, always risky

  49. santillankaren

    When Kara woke up before to make Nate coffee so sweet! Thought she was going to do his routine of taking coffee to bed but she then drank her own cup first, found it funny. 😂

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    blowing out candles in 2021? I did not think I'd ever see that again. Mind you I have not wanted to eat anything someone blows on for a few years now. Once you see a photo of a child blowing our candles it is over.

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  52. Shine Bright


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    When Covid is over I really wanna travel outside of Australia! I miss it so much

  55. Shine Bright

    I'm from Texas and never been in my forty years

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    I love how she takes a sip of coffee first then gets some for Nate, lol same.

  57. Chasing Rainbows

    Just discovered this channel and I'm binge watching everything! All these videos have put a smile on my face so far. It's incredible to see how much there is to experience in America and in the world itself. I hope to travel like this someday and thank you for showing us these amazing experiences!

  58. uplifting the world

    I'm from the Caribbean....and i found this very entertaining and informative......she is so funny and has a a good spirit......best real video I have seen in little while.....looked at t hi is video twice

  59. Jami Good

    I love the turret room so much!!

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    I would of just ate at Taco Cabana, Thankfully they are littered in the southwest. What..... should I have go to Slicks BBQ because a former U.S. President did; I'm calibrating my comment on how many miles away from Washington ,KS they got. Where Nate's Doppelganger lived back in the late 80's rock n roll Beatles white album era. MAKE SURE TO WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS.

  61. Robert Taylor

    I am very happy to donate through Omaze. For me it’s not about winning something but helping others. I am a motorcycle guy. It’s been around 30 years since I have owned a car of my own! Not that it wouldn’t be cool to own a vehicle like that! A very belated happy birthday to you Kara! 😁❤️👍🏻

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    it’s crazy to me how there are cities like new york and la all around america but places like this still exist... it’s very vast

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  69. Kara Resco

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    The Legendary woman.

  71. Gnalysis

    Next time when you go to HK, check out hostels. There's a hostel in Sham Shui Po called Mei Ho House that has 2 bed bedrooms. They also have laundry and other facilities in there.

  72. William Tsang

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  73. Shiftkit2010

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    I live in Kansas and this video really made me think of how great Kansas is I also live right by the Tall grass prairie

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  76. Sam Geb

    What a story!!! Elsie is truly a legend I sure wish her good health and many more happy years!!

  77. Ettevaatust Productions

    My wife and I were in the same boat so to speak as you guys. We live in China and were on holiday in Greece when we started hearing about the virus. We were originally told to come back 2 weeks later and then it was 4... ugh. Finally we went to Germany where we had some friends and to figure out what to do next. Our next move was to go to Czech Rep to a nice little town, thinking that we could stay there till the crisis passed. Wrong!!! We were there for 2 weeks when the whole country closed down around us. We then had a friend in Kansas City tell us we could stay with him. The last week of March we went through a ghost town called Prague and then to an over night stay in London (looked like a scene from 28 Days Later). Our flight was to Chicago and from there an all night drive to our friends little apartment in Kansas City. We stayed with our friend, his cat Tom, dog Emmy for 2 months till we could find a house to rent. We've been in the Kansas City area ever since. We are now waiting to go back home to China which we think will be in July. All of our house plants are dead in our apartment by now.

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